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Subject:Old, Upsetting News
Time:07:11 pm
Current Mood:pissed offpissed off
According to several confirmed sources, the entire Pokemon voice cast is being replaced for the Tenth Anniversary Special and following seasons. "We who work on the show care very much about it and are heartbroken over the possibility of not continuing production," says Veronica Taylor, who has played Ash since 1998. "Unfortunately we have no say in what is going on. We are simply forced to wait for the outcome."

[Anime News Network]

...am I the only one who feels just a TEENSY WEENSY bit upset by this...?!
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Subject:Technical Battle Flaws: Mossdeep Gym Match
Time:06:18 pm
Current Mood:bouncybouncy
So I was watching Pokemon: Advanced Battle the other day, and it was the gym battle between Ash and the twins Liza and Tate. I'm not quite certain about the reasoning that lead him to choose Pikachu and Swellow, but that isn't the worst part. The crazy thing that occured in this episode that was so ridiculously wrong that it forces me to write about it here is something that happened towards the end of the battle.

Ash keeps changing strategies in his attempt to break through Solrock and Lunatone's superior double-battle coordination, but nothing seems to work. So what does he do to save the day? He has Pikachu shoot a Thunder attack into the clouds, and then it comes back down and strikes both Swellow and Pikachu (who was riding on Swellow's back). Then Pikachu and Swellow eventually absorb the Thunder attack into their bodies and gain Thunder armor.

...Say what?

Using said elemental armor, Swellow and Pikachu were able to break Lunatone's Light Screen and defeat both opponents with hypercharged versions of their physical attacks -- Pikachu beating Solrock with Iron Tail and Swellow beating Lunatone with Aerial Ace (Huh?).

Is this some sort of foreshadowing of new techniques featured in Diamond/Pearl? If so, then maybe I'll let it slide in my book this time... But seriously, that was something completely and utterly wrong. I can accept that Ash's Swellow apparrently has a highly exceptional Special Defense stat, but come on, Thunder is a purely offensive move -- you need to give a heck of a lot more of an explanation than "Oh, after the long exposure to the electricity they were able to store it in their bodies!"

Sorry, Brock, but it just doesn't cut it this time around. It would be much more likely for Swellow to simply vaporize shortly after being struck -- it was the most massive Thunder attack I've ever seen on the anime thusfar.

Oh, yeah, and Light Screen does not deflect special attacks back to the attacker -- that's Mirror Coat.
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Subject:Pokemon fandom...you disappoint me...
Time:01:51 pm
Current Mood:crushedcrushed
Where the hell are all the good fics? Fics that are not about Little Billy from New Bark Town who embarks on a journey all too similar to Gold's. What about fics that happen to be about the actual Pokemon? Or something involving an intriguing plot with politics, crime syndicates and odd experimentations.

And romance-wise...enough of the Pokeshipping. Every cliche has been exhausted about one hundred times or so. Yes, Ash and Misty went through melodramatic high school drama and marriages and thousands of child birth scenes. More Palletshipping and Altoshipping, please? PLEASE?

Plus we need more Tracey fic. Much more Tracey fic. NO, NOT ONES WHERE HE IS BASHED IN RETARDED WAYS. Tracey = Cool.

Romantic!Rich!Sexy!Not-interested-in-anything-other-than-Misty!Ash =/= Cool.
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Subject:Who are you people and what have you done to Jessie & James?
Time:04:17 pm
Current Mood:bitchybitchy
Hello. This is my first rant in here. Y'know since weaseldog_ltg09 pestered me into posting here. XD
Well, my first topic of rantage is one that has annoyed me for a long time: The bastardization of Jessie and James. I've excluded Meowth from this because, well, he hasn't changed all that much since we first see him. o_o

When you first see the duo in episode 2, they have their photographs on a wanted poster. Now from just that, the viewer is supposed to think "Uh oh. They're bad news..." And they did pose a bit of a threat in that episode. If hadn't been for Pikachu's ultra powerful thundershock (I think that was what it used), they probably would have stolen all the Pokemon and gone off with an evil cackle.

Of course, as the series progresses, you see both of their personalities change drastically. They go from actual villian status down to a degrading comic relief label.
Jessie used to be the 'alpha' member of the team, usually coming up with the schemes. James was also a lot smarter in the beginning of the series. I noticed that transition especially when changing his voice actor from Ted Lewis to Eric Stuart. Did a new voice kill a good amount of his brain cells? Perhaps. Despite their roles in the series becoming less important to the overall plot(?), back then they still managed to have their shining moments. This includes episodes where Ash works together with them in order to accomplish a similar goal or the infamous Team Rocket flashback episodes.

However, a drastic change occured at some point in the Johto series. Even I'm not exactly sure when...but the Team Rocket we know and love solely appeared just for all these not-so funny cameos. In fact, I counted one episode where they had a grand total of thirty seven seconds of screen time. They appear in every single episode yet contribute nothing to any storylines. There are barely any mentions of their pasts (except for a scarce few).

Ash also developed a rather nasty attitude toward them, in which he wishes their deaths. o_O In a recent Advance episode, Jessie and James are supposedly drowning in the river and ask for his help and he retorts with a "I DON'T GOTTA HELP YOU TWO!" For people who resort to very pathetic Pikachu capturing attempts, they sure get treated like they've committed murder...especially since Ash doesn't help them when they're in danger.

In this new season, they both have been written into two extremely selfish people. James seems to taunt Jessie an awful lot more, while she has become a cold hearted bitch at times.

The point of this rant? The writers of the Pokemon series have let these characters fall through the cracks. Instead of giving them a better role in the series, they just simply don't...give much to it. I really would have liked for the creators to have just had them leave the show rather than stay and practically continue to seem like a pair of morons on a three year chase for that OH GOSH ELUSIVE Pikachu.

Next rant: Pokeshipping vs Advanceshipping? Wh-wh-what???
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Subject:Quiz Correction: Versus Spoink
Time:09:29 pm
Current Mood:irritatedirritated
The second new episode of Pokemon: Advanced Challenge last Saturday featured a questionable quiz that went something like this...

Which of these Pokemon is the best choice against Spoink?

A. Swampert, B. Makuhita, C. Qwilfish

The TV's answer was Makuhita, but we all know that the only reason I could possibly be writing about this now is because the TV is wrong. Spoink is a pure Psychic-type. Makuhita is a pure Fighting-type. Spoink learns many Psychic-type attacks (Psybeam, Psywave, Psychic) as well as the Flying-type move Bounce. Makuhita does learn the Dark-type Knock Off, but Knock Off is the weakest Dark-type attack, and Special Attack is generally Makuhita's lowest stat. Case closed.

Consider Qwilfish. While it also has a weakness to Psychic-type attacks due to its Water/Poison-type dualism, it learns at least one attack that is strong against Psychic-types... the Bug-type attack, Pin Missile! Qwilfish has a very high Attack power, meaning that its Pin Missile could cause a serious amount of damage if used against a Spoink. Combined with the defensive Minimize move, and being able to take advantage of the Swift Swim ability, Qwilfish would certainly be able to hold its own against a Psychic-type with fairly little luck.

Then take a look at Swampert. It is probably stronger than both Qwilfish and Makuhita, due to the fact that it is the final evolution of the starter Pokemon, Mudkip. Also, it doesn't have a weakness to Psychic-type attacks. However, Swampert can't learn anything that would give it a clear advantage over any pure Psychic-type, much less little ol' Spoink.

Eh, enough dancing around the possibilities. I'd choose Swampert as the best choice, due to its strength and not having a weakness to Psychic attacks. Under the most basic conditions, Swampert has the highest chance of the three to defeat Spoink. However, in the hands of a resourceful trainer, Qwilfish could certainly combine its unique mix of abilities and be able to take on at least some of the softer Psychic-type Pokemon, including Spoink. (Yes, Abra family, I'm talking about you, too!)
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Subject:Quiz Correction: Versus Baltoy
Time:07:23 pm
Current Mood:bouncybouncy
Which of the following Pokemon is the best choice against Baltoy?

A. Lapras B. Meganium C. Ledian

This here is a bit of a toughie, and depending on how you look at it, it can go in a few ways. I brought this particular quiz up for two reasons. Firstly, I don't agree with the given answer. Secondly, I wanted a little feedback from other people in order to see if I'm on the same page as everyone else on this.

The TV show's given answer was Lapras, though I have to argue on behalf of Meganium. In truth, all three choices (even Ledian) are good against Baltoy's Ground/Psychic type combination. The key factor for this quiz, in my opinion, is the fact that Baltoy learns a lot of attacks that are Rock-type in addition to the Ground-type and Psychic-type attacks. Knowing that Baltoy can use Rock Tomb and Ancientpower pretty much eliminates Ledian as a choice. Ledian's Bug/Flying combination makes it take quadruple damage from Rock-type attacks. And Lapras, being partly Ice-type, is also vulnerable to Rock-type attacks. Meganium is the only choice who does not share this weakness, and in addition, Meganium's Grass-type gives it resistance to Ground-type attacks that Lapras doesn't have. True, Ledian is immune to Ground-type attacks, but remember that double-weakness to Rock-type? Meganium and Lapras can both learn powerful attacks to exploit Baltoy's Ground-type weaknesses, but considering the defensive outlook, I really think that Meganium is the best choice of the three.

If anyone thinks I'm wrong, then voice your opinion on it. This question really was tough, so I'm open to hearing other viewpoints this time around.
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Subject:Quiz Correction: Versus Mudkip
Time:09:56 pm
Current Mood:bouncybouncy
Which of these Pokemon is the best choice against Mudkip?

A. Roselia B. Plusle C. Torchic

Once again, the TV show makes a bit of a flub, though this one fortunately is nowhere near as serious as the previous "Arbok evolves into Seviper" blasphemy. They claimed the best choice to be the Electric-type Plusle. Of course, Plusle is a pretty good choice against Mudkip, having the electric advantage over Water-type, but it's just not the best of the three. That would be Roselia. Yes, I know Roselia turned out to be a shockingly poor fighter in general, but it beats Mudkip better than Plusle can. Remember, Mudkip learns that ever-annoying move called Mud-Slap at only level 6, which gives it an attack that deals super-effective damage against pure Electric-types like Plusle (Not to mention, the oftenly devastating accuracy penalty Plusle would be faced with, unless you teach it Shock Wave...). However, Roselia takes only the standard damage from Ground-type attacks like Mud-Slap. Roselia, being Grass-type, also has a resistance to Water-type attacks that Plusle lacks. And with the ability to learn the Grass-type attack known as Magical Leaf by level, Roselia can deal the same super-effective never-miss damage against Mudkip that Plusle can with Shock Wave... except Plusle needs a TM and Roselia doesn't. :P

So there you have it. Roselia is the better choice against Mudkip.
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Current Music:Opening Theme of Pokemon Advanced Challenge
Subject:First Rant: Pokemon Advanced Challenge
Time:11:25 am
Current Mood:depresseddepressed
So, this is the first official rant here, isn't it? Things could not have started on a worse note...

The Trainer's Choice in today's episode was as follows:

Which of these Pokemon evolves into Seviper?

A. Sableye B. Arbok C. Suicune

Now, there's one really big problem with this question. Seviper is a stand-alone Pokemon! It does not evolve, nor does it have any pre-evolutionary forms!

The suggested answer turned out to be Arbok, as I dreaded. I suppose it means that the makers of the Trainer's Choice somehow mistook Jessie's trade of Arbok for Seviper as an evolution of Arbok into Seviper. However, while this would be a good explanation for the mistake, all it goes to show is that quite sadly, not only do these people not check the Pokemon games for accuracy, they aparrently don't pay attention to the show they're working on either!

This is a sad, sad day in the world of Pokemon... it makes me want to cry.
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Current Music:Dubbed "Zatch Bell" opening theme (Heh, how appropriate!)
Subject:Word from the Owner: Welcome to Pokeranters!
Time:11:21 am
Current Mood:ready to rant!
This is the beginning... the beginning of the RANTING!

The Pokeranters community is brand new, created just about an hour ago, so I've yet to lay down all the rules. However, once I do, I'll have them all listed in appropriate detail on the community's Bio. One rule I will lay down now, though, is that of intelligent bashing. This community is meant to be a place for members to discuss things that upset them about their fandoms with an appropriate level of aggression and in an intelligent, non-rabid manner. Basically, that means that while you're allowed to be an angry person, I don't want to hear any threats of death or physical harm upon authors, TV/video game staff members, or animated characters. Also, support/supplement your rants with intelligent reasons as to why you're upset with the situation. You won't convince anyone if all you rant about is how you want some certain character to just burn in hell.

Anyway, happy ranting! I'll be ranting here on occasion, as well, so if you want an example of an appropriate rant, wait a little while and come back to see one of mine! XD
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