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Subject:rant, xposted
Time:07:19 pm
Not every person who "cheats" (it's actually hacking, but if the word "cheater" makes you feel something of a better person, go ahead) does 999 in every stat y'know.

I'm personally really tired of all the purists. Like toting this invisible code of honor about raising pokemon like you're supposed to be best friends with these bits of data or something. If someone uses a bunch of lv. 100 Darkrai and rapes your whole team you raised from scratch, GUESS WHAT? DELETE THEIR FRIENDCODE and never talk to them again. SIMPLE, ISN'T IT?

Hell, comment in a community with their code if you want to be petty. Warn everyone that there is a CHEATERINOURMIDSTSOMGHAD

So you've spent the past 3 hours hatching eggs. Wow, I've spent the past 3 minutes hatching eggs (with fast egg hatch).

So you only use whatever you catch, as though you're living some fantasy as you would if this were actually real. All I can say to that is, lay off the anime for a while. You think you're so much better because you're playing it "the way it was supposed to be played". As you get destroyed by the people who spent time on IVs and breeding attacks and use all the legit power possible obtainable in half the time thanks to AR and whine\bitch\moan about it. If you don't care about nature, IVs, EVs, breeding, then shut the hell up. You get what you put in.

So you've got one masterball and you're saving it for that all-important legendary. I have x99 of them and will use them on whatever the hell I want to, because I HAVE 99 OF THEM.

So you've spent like 400 hours on your game for the same results that I've spent like 100 on. Wow, you're so XHARDXCOREX.

Because pokemon training is such SERIUS BIDNESS. The only thing worse are the people coming out of the woodwork who haven't been around since R/B/Y flooding forums with "KANTOISTHEBESTEVARlolololol".

honestly, purists...
These are bits of data. Not real animals.
This is a game in which you can literally avoid playing against ANYONE you don't want to play against.
This is a game, that can be played practically in any way you choose. Abusing glitches, using cheat devices, trading early online with people, or not doing ANYTHING if that is what you want. As the player you get to choose how you play and who you fight and what you do. Quit criticizing everyone else because they don't waste nearly as much time as you do on breeding, catching, leveling, or hatching inferior pokemon. Or because you think Darkrai's cheap. Or your attacks do no damage. Or whatever the issue is. You don't like someone? ERASE THEIR FRIEND CODE. Start a community for little baby purist battling if that is what you so desire. But do not WASTE everyone's time complaining

Please, be able to make the distinction between fantasy and reality. It's a game, have fun in the way that you want to. Stop whining about it, because there's no reason to...as you can now fight anyone you damn want. It just wastes everyone's time and friends page space needlessly.
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Subject:Trinity's First Pokemon Rant
Time:12:49 pm
Current Mood:irritatedirritated
(my x-posted rant from the pokemon community)

Okay, hello! I am Trinity. I have been playing Pokemon since 1997 (has it really been that long since Red and Blue came out?) I have yet to get Diamond and Pearl because my ds lite was stolen from me before Christmas and they're just now getting back into the shops (at least in my area...I don't know about the rest of you), but a lot of my friends at college have it. Anyway, onto my rant.

Today's topic: Unobtainable Pokemon

Now, ever since the games hit the GBA, I've noticed that getting the Pokemon from the earlier generation (like the starters and the legendaries) has become a complicated process.

You have to get a gamecube. Then buy Pokemon Coliseum (or Gale Of Darkness) (which is a pretty good game, I'll give it that) and then you have to play through THAT game and snag ALL of the Pokemon that are considered "Shadow Pokemon"....then you have to purify them and THEN, beat the game (you can't trade to Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, FireRed or LeafGreen unless you beat the game's story mode). Then, once you've done all that, then you can trade. And those are like....10-15 hours, maybe a few days of your life you'll never get back!

This especially true for those of us, like me, who loved the Pokemon of the second generation (Gold, Silver, Crystal),(ever noticed how Nintendo never seems to care about us? They remade the original games, now why not remake the second generation games...I for one would like to get a Lugia without having to wait for Nintendo to do a tour or without having to capture it in Gale of Darkness or Coliseum). We have to do this in order to get a fair chunk of the second gen Pokemon including the starters. This makes me furious! Why can't they make it nice and simple? *cries*

Second Topic: Special Event Pokemon:

Now, I am not pleased with the fact that in order to get certain pokemon, you have to wait for Nintendo to do some sort of special event and give you a special item. Nintendo doesn't do this sort of thing very often and not all of us are able to attend the events to get these special items so we can get the special pokemon (such as Lugia and Ho-Oh). And now, I found out that this is the only way to get three Legendaries from Diamond and Pearl without hacking my game and I thought to myself "WHAT?!" It's ridiculous! WHy can't they just make the items obtainable to everyone so we don't have to go insane while trying to fill our PokeDexes? *sighs* Oh well, c'est la vie, I suppose...

Egao YES Nude(ALBUM MIX) - Morning Musume - SEXY 8 BEAT

Egao YES Nude(ALBUM MIX) - Morning Musume - SEXY 8 BEAT
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Time:12:14 am
musings of the new D&P stuff, *spoilers*Collapse )
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Time:09:22 pm
Current Mood:mellowmellow
::Crossposted from my own journal::

Why did Ruby have to be a coordinator? It should have been Sapphire. Ruby should be the badge collector! - Some moron's opinion on what would have been "best" for the Pokemon Special manga

Ah, don't you love the smell of sexism in the morning? Y'know, that a woman's 'place' in the Pokemon world is that of a coordinator or maybe being a trainer that has no real *big* goal.

I have seen this sexism first hand down at Netbattle, where the guys don't take me as seriously when I'm using a female handle. I get these cracks about why I don't have something cutesy like a Clefairy or a Jigglypuff.

In other forums, I see people complain about how the new Diamond/Pearl anime series will feature a female main character and how that will suck because they don't want to see a 'girly' show. Many of those sexist jerks seem to think that a female lead would only be there to put on make-up and swoon over a(ny) male character. Though, there are also shippers who seem to want the female lead to get together with a boy, namely Ash.

Girls can be kick ass trainers. In fact, there are several females that do, Gym leaders especially. In most of the canons, the topic of sexism doesn't seem to be an issue. Well, maybe in a few episodes of the anime there are some instances of it. However, there's really nothing that indicates that women are given trouble when trying to reach a high position such as being a member of the Elite Four.

Hmm, I guess the Pokemon world just isn't tainted by the "real world".



I thought that there would finally be a Pokemon anime that broke away from the 'Ash's quest to wander aimlessly and lose every big competition he enters to be a Pokemon Master' and had a new character star. Now it seems that the anime will continue going through the same tired formula. From the look of it, it will have Ash meet another young female trainer that he will probably mentor.

I know a lot of the people here are fans of the anime and have fond memories of the old days of it. Don't get me wrong, I used to be a huge fan of the Pokemon anime and of Ash. I just hate how it's become so... painfully bland.
Yes, I've ranted on this before on here, but I guess it just pisses me off since the world of Pokemon has a lot of potential for good storylines. Oh well. It's not like I even watch the show anymore, anyhow.
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Current Music:x-posted to pokemonrants
Time:12:27 am
OK, y'know what needs to stop happening, like right freaking now?

People who never played a game past R/B (and even some longtime players nurse this ridiculous notion), wait make that ANYONE, saying they should stop making new pokemon.

They make about 100 to 150ish new pokemon a generation. I think they're moving way too slow. Especially with us moving into the Wi-Fi land with the rest of Nintendo's biggies.
cut for great fun!Collapse )
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Time:02:21 am
One thing I really don't understand is the people who defend the original 151 as if that was the only generation that mattered. Keeping in mind that some of these naysayers are the same people who have never played a single pokemon game beyond that. Out of the original 151, there were about 30-40 that were used with any increasing frequency, and as the total number fluctuated with new gens, so did those pokes who were commonly used. Some increased, some decreased, some were dropped, and new ones were added.

As if the first gen didn't have huge problems, like Psychics being way too overpowered, and it being majorly difficult to raise a pokemon to lv. 100 (much moreso than it is now).

What's more, is that people actually recommend they play FR/LG to get them back INTO the series! Not taking into account all the abilities and new attacks and changes and BAH! Going from R/B/Y to GSC won't be nearly as much of a culture shock. There's only 100 new pokemon to deal with, and most you will never encounter unless you breed/trade/evolve them yourself. The game is mostly old gen pokemon. One look at the Gym Leaders and it's obvious. They all use at least one older gen pokemon.

Since the three gens and fourth on the horizon, we face a new age. One of Legendary Pokemon in abundance. I saw maybe one team in the video game championships that had no legendaries at all, with most teams averaging 3-4. The teams revolved around Protect/Substitute, Toxic/Selfdestruct, and a never ending barrage of power techniques. No strategy, pure power. These people should not be allowed to pick up a game, much less participate in a tournament. There should be some limit, or some set of rules. Otherwise it's just Lugia vs. Rayquaza vs. Mewtwo vs. Groudon...yaaaaaaaay :-P...They are missing the point. They'll stack their team with Groudon and Kygore and Mewtwo but if I asked them what Anorith evolved into, they'd look at me as if I'd grown a third head. Well, you know what I mean.

Then there's Netbattle, talk about something that's destroyed everything good and pure about real battling. These people use Hidden Power Rock/Flying in lieu of Rock Slide and Aerial Ace. Their IVs are perfect, they can bypass breeding chains in seconds, and what's worse, they have no idea how to execute real strategy. There are those who keep Swords Dancing with Scizor until they killed by a Flamethrower and forfeit the match. All power and no brains. Every ideal situation in the book means nothing if you have no idea what you're doing.

Now obviously the ingame A.I. is no genius, but if you can make it to the top of R/S Battle Tower (100+ wins in a row), and get all the Gold Symbols in the Battle Frontier in Emerald, and you're still complaining, I just don't know what to tell you. Anyone who's played Colosseum Mode in Pokemon Colosseum or Orre Colosseum in XD: Gale of Darkness can find a challenge ingame. Pokemon fans have very little to whine about, yet much of the fanbase are extremely spoiled. They should've stopped at 151? Idiocy, people want change, but don't want to "memorize" any new pokemon (you don't have to memorize shit!). How exactly does anyone propose the series changes, we just sit and twiddle our thumbs in Kanto, even though not even half of the original pokemon can stand alone in an unlimited tourney? More on from Kanto, people, it's becoming way too trendy and cliche and it's hard to tell who's a hardcore fan and who's just a whiny poser.
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Time:12:08 am
Current Mood:annoyedannoyed
Okay. I used to like the Pokemon anime back in the day. .......Alright! I was obsessed back then. >_> Anyway, I used to like the Kanto + Orange Archipelago arcs of the anime. I found them to be fun, interesting and even educational (learning about Japanese culture and holidays).

I'm not exactly sure but at some point during the Johto series, I got fed up. They had recycled so many things and it seemed like the plot never got anywhere, so I gave up on it. Though, I would watch it every once in a while.

At the beginning of Advance Generation, I saw a glimmer of hope. New characters? New storylines? THEY ACTUALLY HAVE DIFFERENT CLOTHES? I just felt compelled to watch. The first few episodes were quite good, I thought. They even inspired me to wander into the world of Pokemon fanfiction. Seeing Team Magma and Team Aqua pleased me, and I really thought they'd make an awesome plot similar to the one in the games.

However, maybe during the middle of AG, I began to see the repetitiveness again. Team Rocket being OOC and coming out in every single episode (and not adding anything to the story AT ALL) began to irk me to no end.

Then...I saw...what they made of the Kyogre and Groudon/Team Magma and Team Aqua storyline. It was just a pitiful two part episode involving Pikachu becoming possessed, Lance rearing his...pink head and taking Steven's role away, a sorry excuse for a battle between the two Legendaries, and an ending so sacchrine...it made me cry...because it was sooooo bad. It was just very sloppy and rushed.

Since when did Pokemon become 'Ash-uses-Pikachu-against-a-Ground type-and-still-wins' or 'Ash-helps-out-little-Susie/Billy Bob-with-some-of-their-stupid-problems?

I'll admit, some episodes of AG do amuse me. Overall, it ranges from mediocre to crappy.

Okay, also, why can't the people who support the anime give any good reasons as to why it's 'the best ever'? At the forums, whenever I see someone posting why they hate the anime, they defend it by saying stuff like 'omg u r returded try agin bitch'. Um, no. If you want to convince me of the anime's 'greatness', then give me something other than an immature insult.

If there's anyone that wants to intelligently debate this, just comment. Let me know why you think the anime hasn't gone down the tubes.

I'll just stick to the mangas and the movies, thanks.
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Time:02:49 am
Current Mood:annoyedannoyed
Oh, yeah, here's another thing that's been bothering me lately...

I hate all the things people post up at the Pokemon Wikipedia sections. Yes, I know that since just about anyone can edit the info, there will be mistakes and outright lies. However, there tends to be more Pokemon related nonsense.

An example is this crazed shipper (at least, I assume it is) that keeps posting the same thing in the May/Female Ruby+Sapphire character section about how Ash and May will start a relationship and that she told Max that she wanted to marry him and have eight children in the Japanese version. And a while ago, I deleted something stating that they engaged in sex originally, but it got censored in America.

Also, I see people putting that the manga series, Pokemon Special is based on the anime. I saw someone putting that Tracey gets a Steelix in the anime. In the types section, someone put that Steel was weak against water.

::Sigh:: However, what pisses me off most is that when I correct these mistakes, they keep showing up again. I'd report them but... I don't they you can ban someone there unless they do some actual vandalism like writing 'so and so is a fag' or whatever homophobic/racist bullshit people write nowadays.
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Time:02:35 am
Current Mood:annoyedannoyed

Now, I often go there so that I can play Pokemon against my boyfriend and his brother since I live over a thousand miles away and don't really have any other way to battle against them. For the most part, I tend to avoid other players there because, for the most part, they are pricks.

They flaunt their teams of six 'ubers' and mock me for having Pokemon that are not legendary or what they consider to be SUPER powerful. Whenever I try talking to certain people, y'know, make small talk during a battle, they stay silent. They just... use some instant kill move like Megahorn or Earthquake (depending on which Pokemon I have out) and stay totally silent. Sometimes I feel like I'm battling against an AI rather than a real person.

Could it kill them to actually spell correctly? Seriously. Sometimes, even their chat speak makes no sense.

Whenever I use a femenine screenname there, a lot of those guys tend to bash the Pokemon I use and spew some really sexist shit. It's like... they think because I'm a girl that I shouldn't battle or that I don't know anything. Jeez.

So, in conclusion, I hate the Netbattle population.
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Current Music:Dontcha
Subject:New for a limited time only!!!!
Time:10:57 am
Current Mood:bouncybouncy
Hi there! I'm happy to be a new member of this community. I adore all things pokemon and I love to read fan fics about it. My favorite pairing is Shigeru/Satoshi. You just can't go wrong with ShiShi I say. Anywho, glad to meet you all and hope to have a lot of fun here. Hope this group is active.:)
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