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Time:12:14 am
If you think they should've done less evolutions of old pokemon, you are an idiot

Out of the currently released (386 in NA) pokemon, there are about 100 that are used with any regularity and can contend in a metagame atmosphere. As the Pokemon World expands, as new pokemon appear, old pokemon need to get more powerful. Many pokemon didn't evolve that should have:

-Fearow (it's lost in a sea of Skarmory, Dodrio, and even Pidgeot)
-Arbok (Seviper blows it away, abilities or not)
-Parasect (he could stand to gain an evolution)
-Venomoth (doesn't do anything better than any other Bug, it's not even good in Contests)
-Persian (because honestly, what is it good for?)
-Rapidash (I'm thinking it's evo could have wings and better attacks, with the Levitate ability instead of Flying type)
-Farfetch'd (could use an evolution or 3)
-Dewgong (the most interesting thing that was done with it, was giving it Signal Beam? It could use another evo, all it's stats are too average)
-Hypno (what can it do that any other PSY type can't, since the special split of GSC? the answer: nothing)
-Electrode (sure it's fast, it just can't do very much)
-Kangaskhan (pre-form, please)
-Seaking (it's horribly unusable, even in NU circuits, that or change it's attacks/stats)
-Mr. Mime (could stand to evolve further)
-Jynx (could evolve once more because it was evidently skipped over)
-Pinsir (my god, evolve this thing! Give it some Bug attacks, for crissakes)
-Lapras (needs a pre-form, that Slug thing from D&P was wrongly suspected by Serebii to be a pre-form. It could stand to have one though)
-Noctowl (it's got great SPEC ATK for a bird, make it look like the Great Owl from Zelda upon evolving and give it a stat boost!)
-Ledian (if it's going to be a defensive monster, evolve it, give it a better type combo, and more annoyer/tank type moves)
-Ariados (I hate to say this, make it a bigger spider, change it's type to Bug/Dark, and give it some neat attacks)
-Lanturn (evolve it again, some more defense and speed, and make it a little larger)
-Sudowoodo (could stand to evolve again)
-Politoed (FIX THIS MUTHERF*@$@*#$@#$)
-Sunflora (giant Sunflower of death, evolve it once more give it good defenses, a little more speed and spec atk, make it a grass/fire-type as well)
-Girafarig (make it a bigger giraffe, I don't care, just make it better than it is)
-Qwilfish (so much untapped potential, evolve this one, most people forget it even exists)
-Corsola (make it essentially a moving coral reef, like a huge one, it's not good enough on it's own no matter how awesome it's movepool is)
-Delibird (just...no, evolve it)
-Stantler (plain, vanilla, Normal type, nothing special about it at all, fix that)
-Linoone (SAME THING, use the one from Box is no excuse)
-Pelipper (better ability, evolve once more, into a Sea Hawk type thing)
-Breloom (evolve it once more, make it a tiny bit more defensive if you're giving it that type combo, it's just not fair)
-Delcatty (we didn't need a new cat, you could've fixed either of the cats that are already broken, *in a bad way*, Delcatty could use another evolution)
-Sableye (increase it's stats a bit, with an evolution)
-Mawile (fuck this thing, evolve it)
-Volbeat/Illumise (I don't even think you can help these things, but you could start by making them BUG/ELECTRIC)
-Swalot (it needs to evolve again, that's all there is to it)
-Sharpedo (think Jaws, make Jaws, this pokemon could be improved with an evolution)
-Wailord (Wailking, seriously, make it happen, I want it covered in barnacles if you have to, make it more defensive and/or faster)
-Torkoal (bigger, more power needed)
-Whiscash (make it better, evolve it, better attacks, better stats)
-Banette (what, you love Dusclops enough to give it an evo but not Banette?)
-Tropius (fix it, I want to use it, fix it)
-Absol (just change it's attacks a bit really, maybe a cute 'lil pre-form)
-Glalie (evolve into a giant Glacier pokemon, seriously)
-Clamperl/Huntail/Gorebyss (don't even fix them, make them extinct, I friggin hate these 3)
-Relicanth (I think we need not say more)
-Luvdisc (.........)

I specifically left out pokemon like Kecleon and Castform, which just can't be helped


Why did Eevee get an Ice evolution? All I asked for was Grass. Grass and you could've had a 6 Eevee team, all stones involved. But you had to make an Ice type, now one type of Eevee will always be sitting on the bench, what the fuck. Nintendo of Japan: if it ain't BROKE, don't FIX IT. I mean, it's PURE ICE, y'know how defensive that type is by itself? NOT REALLY

The Tangela and Lickitung evolutions make me very happy, but I'm still surprised Jynx and Pinsir were passed over once again. I see more Bug/Flying types, if I could wrap my hands around the designers necks, I would squeeze until I felt better. There was no demand, no need, no request for more Bug/Flying. If anything, we asked for new Bug dual types, being one of the more shafted types along with Ice.

Once again, Fire is shafted. Once again, we see almost no new Fire types. Magmar evolves, which is great, don't get me wrong. But there are too many Dragons, too many Psychics. Ghosts are legion now, and they're weirdly paired with like, Ice and Electric. That's just fucked up.


A ton of pure Grass types. Great, because that's such an excellent type on it's own. A bunch of pure Electrics...like we needed more.

We needed no more Normal/Flying, I thought we were going to do it with Perap. Not that pure Flying is any biggie, trading an immunity for a resistance. But we could use just one.

Porygon better evolve, that fucking thing better not be a pre-form. It's a goddamn computer program, it doesn't need a baby form, what it does need to do is advance and become better like technology always DOES.

Nosepass, becomes a hat-donning Rock/Steel type? You know what's not that great a type combo? ROCK/STEEL!!!

Levitate, on a Grass type. You take a resistence, and you make it an immunity, I'm speechless. Every type available, Steel, Dragon, Rock, you choose plain Grass, and gave a flytrap, A PLANT THAT HAS ROOTS, Levitate...

The Legendary Population seems to have exploded. This is exactly what I didn't want to happen. It seems this game has more Legendaries than any game prior. I'm extremely saddened by this.

+50 to TMs, woooooo! I knew they wouldn't change the ones they have, they finally got the TMs right. There also giving us 50 MORE? I see Silver Wind, Swords Dance, Recycle, Will-O-Wisp, Explosion, Rock Slide, Substitute, False Swipe, including who knows what else. Wow...

Lucario's baby form is really cute, I'm wondering if it was really necessary though. I do think they're running out of ideas. Even though there's plenty of animals, plants, and other various inspiration they haven't used...

Fog is a weather effect, oh my god

The E4 and the Gym Leaders even use pokemon out of their specialty, the VS Seeker makes a return so EXP won't be no big deal. That's good. I hope you can re-battle Gym Leaders and the E4 power up, because leveling is gonna be a bitch any other way.

I'm still totally excited for this game, can you tell?
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Time:2008-09-19 09:56 am (UTC)
Ghosts are legion now, and they're weirdly paired with like, Ice and Electric. That's just fucked up.

Even with the new Generation IV ghosts, Ghost is still the rarest type, with Dragon as a close second. And what's wrong with Ghost/Electric or Ice/Ghost? I think they're pretty cool combos.
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Time:2008-09-19 06:58 pm (UTC)
yeah dude(tte), I wrote this maybe two years ago now. Ghosts might still be a rare type, but there's a lot more of them than before, this gen brought more of their finals forms than any other single gen. Mismagius, Spiritomb, Dusknoir, Drifblim, Rotom, & Froslass.

I still think they're odd, good typing perhaps, but odd.
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